About Red Loft

The Red Loft is where inspiration turns into creativity... where you have to think out side of the box, because there is no box... and where projects are started even though laundry, work, and other household obligations are calling your name. This is where CREATIVITY is the ONLY PRIORITY, and where AUTHENTIC ARTISTRY began.


I have been wanting a cute message board in my kitchen so I can write inspirational quotes, reminders, Honey-Dos, and more. There was a similar butcher paper design on Pinterest, and my husband and I decided to Jazz in up a bit. We stained all the wood, and found colored butcher paper. My favorite part is the stained carved trim. Hope you like it!

This was the original I saw on pinterest….


How We Met

I made this graphic for my welcome bags for my wedding. We printed it on cream/ecru card stock, and tied it on light green bags with gold ribbon. I could not have done it without my sister, mom, and bridesmaids! The back of the tags had a picture of us, and a sweet letter to the out of town guests.



This project was really fun! I used lyrics from some of my favorite Christmas songs, a font that looks like stitching, and I created a stitch-like poinsettia pattern! See how it turned out!

This is the electronic copy I created.
Next, I printed it out on pearly/ shimmery cream paper.
Then I used an Exacto knife, a ruler, and a self- healing cutting mat to cut them out. Obviously you can use scissors too!
MY favorite is “Jesus, Born on this Day”
Finished and on the gift! (or you can punch a whole and tie onto present!)

Our First Christmas Tree

This has been a very exciting season so far, and its only DECEMBER 1st! I finally got the house all decorated and ready for the festivities that December will bring! Chris and I have had a blast getting the house all decorated, so I hope you enjoy! We decorated with a lot of copper and brown, maybe in the future we can mix in a fun color!

Our FIRST tree!
Nutcrackers and Nativity from Nana 🙂
Peacock Ornament from Germany
Small Sand-dollar from my mom and dad’s first Christmas Tree- on the very top by our angel!
Gold Star ornament from my trip to NY last year with my mother in law and 2 sister in laws!
Ribbons on the tree- 1. copper and brown stripe, and a 2. copper, green and gold floral.
My first ornament 🙂
Christmas POTPOURRI that smells like CHRISTMAS is a bag! HEAVENLY!